Spring Integration tcp/ip Sample Available

The collection of Spring Integration samples now includes a simple demonstration of using tcp inbound and outbound gateways. It also shows how to inject messages into a Spring Integration flow using a simple telnet client.

See tcp-client-server under the ‘basic’ projects.

You can get all the samples using git, as described inOleg’s post on the SpringSource Team Blog. Or, you can browse this sample here. There’s also a link to download all the samples in a gzipped tarball on that page (‘Download master as tar.gz’).

Edit: The samples have now moved to gitub. Click on ‘Downloads’ if you don’t use Git. You can also browse the tcp/ip sample here.

2 thoughts on “Spring Integration tcp/ip Sample Available

  1. Hello gary ,
    i came through your github profile.
    I have a question. The spring integration examples are very simple. And usually the real world soutions are not that simple. My question is when we transform a message the old message is geting lost. I want to process a message in a chain way , one part at a component another part at another component. But the old message is lost each time when going through the end points.

    How can you ensure not to lose the request message or What is the best practise to process a request message?

  2. This question has come up many times on Stack Overflow (which is our preferred place to ask questions with the ‘spring-integration’ tag).

    Add a header enricher before the transformer to copy the payload to a header for future use.

    name=”original_payload” expression=”payload”

    If you have further questions, please ask on Stack Overflow.

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