6 thoughts on “Green Beans: Getting Started with Spring

  1. Hi Gary,

    I just tried out the spring-integration-xmpp sample on github:

    The ReceiveInstantMessageSample works fine and I can see received messages in the console. However the SendInstantMessageSample doesn’t work. It starts up, connects to the XMPP server (talk.google.com) but it doesn’t send the message. No error message in the console either. Any idea what the problem could be? Does it work for you and other people running the sample?

    Are you sure the code

  2. Thanks Gary. I’ll use GitHub for comments next time. Not sure why the sending isn’t working for me. Maybe a firewall issue. It does allow me to connect and receive so that’s odd.

  3. For what it’s worth, we did see some inconsistency (sending to some accounts worked some didn’t) but we concluded it was some google issue. We dug in a little and saw that we received 503 errors (service unavailable) for the accounts that didn’t work, but we were not able to figure out a pattern so we put it down to some issue with the account(s) in google.

  4. Ok I thought that might be the case. Will try some other xmpp service. Thanks so much for your help Gary.

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