Gary graduated BSc (hons) in Production (Industrial) Engineering at Lanchester Polytechnic (aka Coventry University) in the UK. After a couple of years with a division of Alfred Herbert Limited (later to become the UK subsidiary of DeVlieg Machine Company), he joined Burroughs Corp. as a software developer specializing in ERP systems.

In the late 80’s he moved to the US (still with Burroughs/Unisys) and in the early 90’s became a key developer of very large scale voice messaging systems. In 1999 he obtained his master’s degree in Engineering Science (Software Engineering) from Penn State (Great Valley).

Since the turn of the millennium he has been an established Java architect, specializing in Open Source technologies.

He finally parted ways with Unisys in the summer of 2008 and, after a short stint consulting for QVC for a small consulting Company in the Philly area, he found his open source home with SpringSource, a division of VMware. While he started in a consulting and teaching role, he is now back to his roots in an engineering role developing mostly for the Spring Integration and Spring AMQP projects.

He is a SpringSource Certified Spring Professional.