Spring Integration tcp/ip Sample Available

The collection of Spring Integration samples now includes a simple demonstration of using tcp inbound and outbound gateways. It also shows how to inject messages into a Spring Integration flow using a simple telnet client.

See tcp-client-server under the ‘basic’ projects.

You can get all the samples using git, as described inOleg’s post on the SpringSource Team Blog. Or, you can browse this sample here. There’s also a link to download all the samples in a gzipped tarball on that page (‘Download master as tar.gz’).

Edit: The samples have now moved to gitub. Click on ‘Downloads’ if you don’t use Git. You can also browse the tcp/ip sample here.

Lucid X11 Forwarding Woes [SOLVED]

I have had some problems getting X11 forwarding to work with Lucid (using PuTTY from a Windoze XP VM running on the same box).

PuTTY log showed ‘X11 forwarding refused’; on the Host (Ubuntu), the /var/log/auth.log showed ‘error: Failed to allocate internet-domain X11 display socket’.

Various googling pointed to an issue with sshd and ipV6 – this shouldn’t have been my problem because I’d previously disabled ipV6 per the instructions here

However, what was odd was that even with ipV6 disabled, netstat -lntp still showed as sshd listening on :::22. I had no problems connecting with SSH, but X11 just didn’t work.

More googling suggested running sshd with the -4 switch, and uncommenting the LocalAddress= in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.

Neither of these worked for me, either separately or together, even though netstat now showed it listening on

What WORKED for me was to add ‘AddressFamily inet’ to /etc/ssh/sshd_config

YMMV but I hope this saves someone some time.

MSI K9N2 SLI Platinum / AMD Phenom 9600 x4 0x0000007e Stop

More details to follow, but here are the cliff notes…

After moving WinXP disk to this platform, received the dreaded 0x7e stop on boot; google pointed me to a problem with intelpmp.dll, but this wasn’t my (initial) problem; I couldn’t even boot from the XP install disk which is not tailored for Intel.

Turned out a mobo bios flash (3.3 -> 3.5) did the trick (also had to remove the intelpmp.dll because the install came from an Intel box).

Hope this helps someone.

Will fill in the details later.